​Early Steps aims to empower each eligible family by providing a team of professionals from the beginning of services through transition from the program.

Our services are based on Early Steps evaluations and your family’s concerns, resources, and goals. Most services will be early intervention home visits.

Support for Your Family

Each family will work with a Family Resource Special (FRS). This is a parent of a child with special needs who has walked a similar path and understands the pressures and sacrifies that parents and other caregivers go through to raise their unique children.

At Space Coast Early Steps, our Family Resource Specialist is Mary Cancel. You and your family can look forward to working with Mary throughout your journey in Early Steps program.

My job is to help you find the supports and resources that you need! I support families served in Early Steps by expressing the views, perspectives, and needs of families at the local and State level.

​I will ask for feedback from you about our services to ensure diverse input regarding programs, policies ​and delivery of ​Florida’s Early Intervention services.

Mary Cancel

Family Resource Specialist

Reach out to Mary at 321-292-1370 if you have questions, concerns, need assistance or just want to chat.

Road Map of Services


When a referral is made SCES will contact you to set up an intake ​meeting.


This is where we gather your information and concerns and schedule your evaluation appointment.


The Evaluation will determine if your child is eligible for the Early Steps Program.

​If eligible for services the team (including you) develop a plan of “what’s next”.

If not found eligible, no further testing is needed. Resources will be provided as appropriate.


Services take place in the natural environment where your childlives, learns and plays.

We coach you to embed strategies into your already established everyday routines.


Reviews happen every 6 months. There are 6 month reviews and annual reviews to discuss progress, review any changes, see if you are ready for discharge, and determine any next steps.


6 Months prior to your child’s 3rd birthday we will develop a transition plan. A Transition conference is held to discuss next steps.

​Early Steps ends the day before your child’s 3rd ​birthday.


Once your Outcomes have been met; you no longer have concerns; services are no longer needed; or your child is turning 3 years of age, you will be discharged.

The options are endless but can include public school services, private therapy or no services if not needed.

Family Resource Newsletter

View our monthly newsletter to stay up-to-date with what’s happening with Space Coast Early Steps.

​Brevard County Community Resources

211 Brevard
211 Brevard provides immediate assistance and connects people to community resources in times of personal, financial and community crisis. ​Trained specialists are available 24/7 to listen and offer information on resources to meet needs such as food, utility bills, housing, mental health, substance ​abuse, primary health care and ​disaster.
Help Me Grow Brevard County Florida
Help Me Grow Florida (HMG) is a comprehensive and integrated statewide system designed to address the need for early identification of developmental and/or behavioral concerns, and then to link children and their families to community-based developmental and behavioral services and supports. It is free for families.